Incorporated Societies Act- New Zealand 

Thursday 4 November 2021: The final select committee report Incorporated Societies Bill

Wednesday 17 March 2021: The Bill has finally been introduced and can be downloaded Here

And here is where you can follow its progress: 

In 2016 MBIE released a draft revision of the Incorporated Societies Act of 1908. AuSAE on behalf of its members submitted changes based on member feedback.

The Ministry has reviewed all submissions and in June 2019 released the cabinet papers (26 PAGES) regarding the draft Bill. 

This can be reviewed here 

Draft revision of the Incorporated Societies Act - with highlighted changes showing the cabinet papers that were released in June 2019. 

This document will be replaced once MBIE has rewritten the draft bill (105 PAGES).

Download here

Based on the working group in Wellington, meetings in Auckland and the networking lunch. Below is a PDF summary of:

  • key differences between the bill and the current incorporated societies act of 2018
  • timeline when looking at
  • what we would like to see this tidied up
  • what needs to be in your constitution

PDF can be downloaded here

Proposed timeline as of August 2019

Bill is formally published on the parliamentary website

First reading (when the Minister debates the Bill in the House for the first time) is about three sitting days.

The revised bill will be submitted to the house in the next few months (undetermined)
Then at the end of the first reading the House decides if the bill should progress and votes on whether it should be ‘read a first time’.
If the ‘first reading’ is agreed, the bill is usually referred to a select committee to be considered in more detail.

The Select Committee usually has 6 months to examine the bill and prepare a report for the House. Select committees normally invite public submissions on a bill.
They will hold public hearings to listen to some of those who made submissions.

After hearing submissions they work through the issues raised, and decide what changes, if any, should be made to the bill.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the New Zealand office
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