It’s time . . . for different !

We are changing here at AuSAE; but don’t worry it’s for the better. We want to offer greater value from our memberships for you and your organisation. So, it’s time…for different!

As the leading association for current and future association and not-for-profit (NFP) leaders in Australia and New Zealand; we believe in providing you with the best support possible to ensure you are equipped with the right knowledge, skills and opportunities to create meaningful connections to achieve your goals.

With this in mind, we realised we needed to shake things up, redefine and add more benefits to our memberships – so each of our packages are now matched against the specific needs in your role as a CEO, Executive or emerging leader.

And even better, our organisational memberships now include unlimited team membership, so as a CEO you can be assured your whole team can access opportunities to connect, to upskill, advance their careers and belong to the AuSAE community.

We have jam-packed our memberships with greater benefits but kept affordable price tags. 

Want to continue experiencing the AuSAE difference? Renew today online or call our team 1800 764 576.

Here’s what is new with our memberships:

Organisation Membership (s)

NEW: Organisation Membership – Up to 15 staff

What’s included?

  • 1x CEO membership
  • 15 staff memberships
  • 1x ACE or LINC Ticket
  • Up to 3 x networking lunch registrations (per event)
  • Unlimited webinar registrations + access to recordings
  • Unlimited registrations to executive briefing events

The Organisation Membership is perfect for teams with less than fifteen staff members and provides great access to a number of AuSAE advantages. The CEO membership is the anchor point of this membership and provides a great opportunity for the whole team to access the AuSAE community.

This package is available for $1600.

NEW: Organisation Membership – 16+ staff

What’s included?

  • 1x CEO membership
  • Unlimited staff memberships
  • 2 x ACE or LINC Tickets
  • Up to 5 x networking lunch registrations (per event)
  • Unlimited webinar registrations + access to recordings
  • Unlimited registrations to executive briefing events

This membership is ideal for teams with fifteen or more staff offering ample benefits for the organisation. It provides great access to a range of AuSAE benefits including the networking events where staff can broaden their network and learn directly from industry professionals.

All of this is available for $3200.

Individual Memberships

New category alert! Association CEO

What’s included?

  • CEO networking events
  • 1 x complimentary networking lunch registration
  • ASAE membership (American partner)
  • Member discounts to all events
  • All the benefits of your previous membership

This membership provides you with access to greater insights into the association industry. It allows you to connect with like-minded CEOs and professionals in the industry sharing personal experiences and planning the next steps.

This membership offers exclusive benefits and delivers the true CEO experience for only $400.

Association Professional

What’s included?

  • Member discounts to all events
  • ASAE membership (American partner)
  • All the benefits of belonging to the AuSAE community
  • A better price that 2019

The Association Professional is the perfect fit for any professional in the associations industry who is not a CEO. It provides you access to a range of educational events as well as ample networking events to ensure you are constantly aware of the latest and greatest within our industry.

This membership is highly valuable to association professionals costing $350.

Young Association Professional

What’s included?

  • Member discounts to all events
  • All the benefits of belonging to the AuSAE community
  • ASAE membership (American partner)

This membership is perfect for association professionals who are in the early stages of their careers and offers unique opportunities for them to connect with senior people in the industry. The limit for this membership has been reduced to 30 years of age.

This membership is invaluable for young professionals however, you can get all these advantages for just $200.

Renew your membership today and take advantage of the AuSAE difference!

Renew online or call our team 1800 764 576.

Haven’t experienced the AuSAE difference yet? Join today!

The home for association professionals

We’re Association Executives' professional body. Every day, we support our 1,200 members to be the best Association Executives they can be.

A place where you belong, connect with others, advance your career and be inspired

If you are passionate about your career in the association sector, AuSAE provides a full suite of educational and networking opportunities that focus on the evolving trends and challenges facing the industry; connect with like-minded leaders and invest in your career in associations. AuSAE welcomes all association professionals, from presidents and CEOs, specialist managers to entry-level coordinators, and everyone in between.

Joining AuSAE will be one of the most important decisions of your career.

AuSAE membership provides you with access to a broad collection of tools, content, and other practical resources, professional development opportunities in many topics and formats, and a smart and vibrant community of peers — all to help you do your job better.

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’ve got years of experience, an AuSAE membership will give you the connections, resources and you need to succeed.

Membership categories

Association CEO $400.00
Association Executive $350.00
Young Association Professional $200.00 
Association Organisational - Tier one  $1,600.00
(up to 15 staff)

Renewal date 1 January 2021 and Including GST 


Benefits of Membership


Expand your network by attending a variety of local events including Networking events, CEO Lunches, Sector Round-table gatherings. Connect with other members at National Conferences and Social gatherings.


You will have access to valuable information and insights through AuSAE Resources on 

  • Membership 
  • Governance
  • Compliance documents
  • Thought leadership
  • IT and social media
  • Business events
Our monthly Insider e-publication.
Full access to members-only content on the AuSAE models and samples , with documents you can adopt and adapt. 


From basic "101" skills and knowledge to CEO-level training, you will have discounted access to a range of quality educational opportunities on key trends and issues facing associations. Including Association Educational Programs, Future Leaders Conference & Assocation101.


Take advantage of the AuSAE Mentoring and Leadership Program, share your experiences through speaking engagements, write articles, volunteer for governance or leadership roles and be recognised for your contribution and commitment.


Connect the dots with your peers, consultants and industry partners through AuSAE online directory. 

If you are already receiving communications from AuSAE, all you need to do is change your membership from a subscriber/contact to the following categories above  by following below.

  • ‘Log in’ to the AuSAE website,
  • Click on your profile (edit)
  • At the ‘Membership level’ , click on ‘change’
  • Scroll down until you see y

    our respective membership category you wish to change to

  • Then follow the click through buttons to finalise the membership
You can email us to organise it for you. emails below 


Toni Brearley - Chief Executive Officer
1300 764 576 or
04 58 000 155

Brett Jeffery - General Manager NZ
04 889 2292
027 249 8677



 The sector activity, knowledge of the staff have really turned me into a great advocate for AuSAE and LINC!

Mark Dyer, 

Chief Executive Officer, 


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