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When you join AuSAE you are joining a community of not-for-profit professionals working to make our world a better place. 
It is essential that our members are equipped with the knowledge, networks and support to achieve success.

AuSAE's key member services

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Member Online Resources.

AuSAE Resources is AuSAE’s secure member online portal providing support in the form of templates, and research reports.


Member Discounts.

From time to time AuSAE partners make exclusive discounts on services your NFP needs including insurance, technology, office supplies, legal assistance, accountancy, governance and more.

Sector Benchmarks.

Through partnerships, AuSAE undertake a range of research programs to deliver insightful data to professional and industry associations. AuSAE members are kept up to date with the latest research and are invited to participate (where applicable) in research data gathering.


AuSAE Assist.

If you need assistance, the experienced AuSAE team can source the information you require. We also communicate on your behalf with other AuSAE members to find the resource or answer you are looking for. With such a wealth of talented professionals in the not-for-profit sector, why struggle alone to solve your organisational challenge?

AuSAE Webinars.

AuSAE webinars provide an opportunity to gain valuable information from association professional and other experts. 


AuSAE TV - Watch pre-recorded interviews at your leisure.

AuSAE TV is a collection of short sharp interviews, enabling out NFP members to gain valuable insights from sector leaders willing to share their real life experiences. These insights, both lessons learnt and successes, just may be the key to advancing your career or setting yourself on the path to achieve your organisation's vision.

Member Logos.

The use of AuSAE member logos is a sign to co-workers and others in the not-for-profit sector that AuSAE members maintain their industry relevance and seek continuous improvement in their organisation and skills. Financial AuSAE members are encouraged to use AuSAE member logos on their websites (for organisational memberships) and email signatures (for individual memberships). 

Make the most of your AuSAE membership.

We all know that you get out of your membership what you are prepared to put in so check out

the AuSAE "Get Involved" page for some ideas on how you can make the most of your membership. If your have an idea not listed on this page please contact AuSAE. We would love to hear from you.

Connect face to face with your industry peers.

To effectively lead a not-for-profit organisation it is critical to have a broad range of skills and qualifications. To assist our members to build and maintain their skills we offer a range of quality educational opportunities at discounted rates. AuSAE Events include: Networking Lunches, Lectures, Briefings, Workshops, Conferences and Webinars. With more than 100 events running every year there will be something just right for you. 

If you have a suggestion for a new member service, please contact us at We would love to hear from you. 

Reasons to Join 

Community of association professionals


Professional education 


Member only on-line resources


Leadership growth opportunities

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