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RSL SA Branch boss and directors quit amid financial troubles

15 Mar 2017 12:21 PM | Deleted user

The RSL South Australian Branch chief executive has quit, along with a number of board members, as the organisation grapples with financial troubles.

It was revealed today that chief executive Julia Langrehr had stood down about a month ago, with two directors resigning this week — one due to bad health.

It follows a members' forum on Saturday where they were informed about the league's financial woes with revenue down significantly from last year.

Ms Langrehr said she decided to step down because she disagreed with the board on the direction of the league.

"I really wasn't aligned with the board and the decisions that they were making," she said.

"And I felt as the CEO then that that put me in a very difficult position to be able to lead an organisation where I didn't feel like the board and I were on the same path.

"There were also just basic structural issues that I wanted to change and I had been trying to change and not getting anywhere and then I realised that it was never going to happen."

State president Tim Hanna denied the league was in crisis but admitted it was under financial pressure.

"There is no hiding the fact that we have a cash flow problem at present," he said.

"Our revenues were down about $200,000 last year against budget and previous years and that obviously puts pressure on the organisation.

"We've undertaken a range of cost cutting to address that shortfall but it's left us with some challenges in terms of cash flow at this time."

As part of cost-cutting measures, Mr Hanna said some people who had moved on from the organisation had not been replaced.

"We've cut a range of other expenses in the business as any business does when it's facing some challenges," he said.

"We'll be sitting down with our national office representatives on Friday to go through a plan that will identify the steps we need to take to a healthier situation."

Despite leaving, Ms Langrehr believed the league had the ability to work through its problems if they did it as a team.

"I wish them the very, very best of luck, they are one of the most important organisations in our country," she said.

"They need to survive because there are thousands and thousands of people who rely on the RSL.

"So I just hope they can find a way to go forward with a solid team that's supporting everyone that's going in the right direction."

This article was originally sourced from ABC Online.

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